The Girl He Took Away


It was never reported. My mom blamed me. I blamed me. He took away that innocent girl and left behind a mess. He took the innocence and left the wicked to develop in her heart.

I could hear the snickering behind the door as dread filled me. This wasn’t right. as I turn to leave, he grabs me and throws me down. It was so cold and I tried to scream but he was so fast. I could taste the metallic of the blood in my mouth as he’d try to shut me up.

It was dark. My own blood helped him. It was supposed to be a simple game of hide and seek. Well he certainly had been hiding very well the monster he had within. What had I done to unleash such a malicious being? I was nine. I was a child. And he took my pants of while he covered my mouth. While the other boys just my age thought this was a game and kept look out like his dogs. His dirty evil dogs.

Was he going to kill me? Where was my mother? Weren’t moms supposed to sense when their children were in danger? I kept thinking trying to shut it out. I couldn’t help but shudder as his hands made their way under my shirt.

I was nine. I was a child. I was powerless to him. I tried to scream again but he blocked my airway as his hands made their way to my innocence. Wow that hurt. He was hurting me! I could feel my raged and afraid tears burning my face. MOM! MOMMY PLEASE SAVE ME!

His hands kept exploring and I felt so disgusted. He kissed my face and I tried to leave but he was so strong and he would tease me. As is this were some sick game to him, he’d let me go and then push me back down. I didn’t like this game. I didn’t want to play. SOMEONE, ANONE hear this struggle.

Much of this event is blur but she came.

My mother finally came.

“You ungrateful girl! You dirty little girl” she screamed.

I didn’t understand?

She grabbed me by my hair. Commanded I pull my pants up. I was crying, I was scared. But she didn’t care.

“Mommy!” I begged and pleaded. But it was too late. He didn’t penetrate me with his male parts. But he still took me with him.

The girl I used to be loved her mother and was loved back. The Girl he took was always happy and full of love. He took her mothers love. He took that little girl away who faithfully believed in magic and love and he left behind was an empty shell. She hasn’t recovered yet. I’m not sure she can. He caused so much damage it was irreversible.

This little girl grew up not knowing how to be loved. Her mother hated her. She never taught her…

Where do broken people go?